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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Wave Bye-Bye to Freedom of Speech
Obama and his Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski have found a way to deal with all those blogs out there that are taking money away from Newspapers and actually reporting the news. Genachowski will announce that the Federal Government will take over "regulation" of the Internet. Obama will follow up with a speech praising the idea. But this is the thing that discloses their hand:
"We couldn't give them a Guantanamo shut down, or ending the Patriot Act, so this is the immediate payoff to MoveOn and Free Press and the those guys who worked so hard for us during the campaign," says a White House source. "Getting 'net neutrality' codified and under out control was at the top of their list of things for us to do."
Yep, another payback for those who worked to elect Barack Obama. Seems like ACORN getting stimulus funds and the NEA going to work to push O's policies along with thirty some Czars was enough payback.

An FCC staffer tells us we should be very afraid if Net Neutrality (the harmless little name the Free Press, a George Soros backed association, assigned this bill) passes. One needs only look at who is behind this bill to know that it is something we don't want and something that again is meant to control who gets to speak and what they may speak about. Read the full article for a disclosure of the ties behind this legislation. It's scary.
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