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Sunday, 2 August 2009
Liberals Still Threatened
You would think that when Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Gaffe Biden took the 2008 election, the threatened liberals would have backed off Sarah Palin. Ah but not so. They have continued to hound her and her family relentlessly, ensuring that Palin spent most of her time in court defending against all the suits suddenly filed against her.

So Palin finally resigns as Governor of Alaska since the left won't lay off her long enough to let her actually govern. But, even that is not enough. Now come the vicious rumors that Todd and Sarah Palin are getting a divorce.

Of course it's a dumb rumor since as time passes, it will prove to be nothing but a lie; but hey, it's just suppose to be a warning to her that they are not going to let up. And of course as this rumor gets disproved, it's pretty easy to start another.
Posted By P.Brown at 6:40 PM in Category:Palin Rumors
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