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Friday, 8 July 2011
What Was That Jury Thinking?
If you've been wondering what the Casey Anthony jury was thinking, listen to this interview with juror #3.

#1 - if it was "an accident", it was a crime to cover it up and send law enforcement on a wild goose chase.

#2 - She has a lot of arguments with the chloroform so it doesn't exist for her. Really? Is she an expert on chloroform? I suppose those searches on the Anthony computer don't exist either?

#3 - So she doesn't know how Caylee was chloroformed - in public, the the car seat, etc. - Dear Juror #3, you should NEVER be allowed on another jury. The prosecution is not charged with proving WHERE a murder took place or even WHEN it took place. They must prove it was a murder and the defendant beyond a REASONABLE doubt committed that murder.

#4 - Easier to get to it was an accident than chloroform and duct tape. Really again? Sure, it's much easier to sleep at night thinking a mother didn't kill her darling 2 year old. But chloroform and duct tape were at the scene, the chloroform in Casey's car trunk and the duct tape on the face of little Caylee. Did Caylee accidentally duct tape herself and chloroform (which was searched for on the Anthony computer) appear in Casey's car trunk through one accident or two? How about the "smell of a dead body"? Another accident?

#5 If they had charged her (Casey) with other things we probably would have got a guilty verdict - Did juror #3 miss the charges of manslaughter and aggravated child abuse?

So bottom line, the adverse to the death penalty jurors paid no attention to their DUTY as jurors. They heard "death penalty" and decided not to convict Casey Anthony of killing her daughter. The duty of the jury is to decide innocence or guilty based only on the evidence and come to a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt. (That's not beyond any doubt, but beyond reasonable doubt.) The penalty is NOT their concern while making those decisions. In some states jurors do vote on the death penalty AFTER their is a conviction; in other states the judge determines the penalty based on a set of guidelines. It is WRONG for a jury to make decisions based on what they think the penalty might be. It was also wrong to include jurors who openly said they were against the death penalty.
Posted By P.Brown at 8:38 PM in Category:Justice
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